NAJIT Publishes a Quarterly Newsletter about judiciary interpreter and translator issues, called Proteus. Below you will find a few selected articles from the last year. Members have online access to the full issues and an archive of articles dating back to 2002 in the members only area.


Winter/Spring 2013 Volume XXII, No. 1

Clarifying Pragma-Linguistic Incongruences When Conveying Meaning between Sociocultural Words/Worlds
Pilar Cal-Meyer


Volume XXI No 1 - Spring 2012

The Lessons of the Méndez Case: Suggested Transcription, Translation and Interpretation Assessment Methodology for the Courts
Dr. Alex Rainof


Volume XX No 4 - Winter 2011

Keeping Our Wits About Us: Interpreter Safety and Security in the Courtroom
Jennifer De La Cruz


Volume XX No 3 - Fall 2011

Translation: Pecha Kucha
Nancy Festinger


Volume XX No 2 - Summer 2011

Arabic Translation in Spain
Elena Jaime Jimenéz


Volume XIX No 4- Winter 2010

The Law Gets Teeth...
Rosemary W. Dann

But Will Interpreters Get Bitten?
Julie A. Sellers


Volume XIX No 3- Fall 2010

Immigrants and Bilingualism
Michael O'Laughlin

The Price of Justice
Piet Koene


Volume XIX No 2 - Summer 2010

Bilingualism, the Brain, and Creativity
Martin C. Taylor

Best Advice: Love What You Learn
Julie Sellers

Volume XIX No 1 - Spring 2010

"Verbatim Interpretation" Revisited
Holly Mikkelson

Spelling it out for the Court
Dennis McKenna

Volume XVIII No 4 - Winter 2009

Whose Trauma Is It?: Vicarious Trauma and its Impact on Court Interpreters
Sonali Rana, Purvi Shah, and Kajori Chaudhuri

Language and Litigation: What judges and attorneys need to know about interpreters in the legal process
Judith Kenigson Kristy