NAJIT Publishes a Quarterly Newsletter about judiciary interpreter and translator issues, called Proteus. Below you will find a few selected articles from the last year. Members have online access to the full issues and an archive of articles dating back to 2002 in the members only area. If you're interested in advertising with us, please take a look at our ad rates.


Winter/Spring 2013 Volume XXII, No. 1

Clarifying Pragma-Linguistic Incongruences When Conveying Meaning between Sociocultural Words/Worlds
Pilar Cal-Meyer


Volume XXI No 1 - Spring 2012

The Lessons of the Méndez Case: Suggested Transcription, Translation and Interpretation Assessment Methodology for the Courts
Dr. Alex Rainof


Volume XX No 4 - Winter 2011

Keeping Our Wits About Us: Interpreter Safety and Security in the Courtroom
Jennifer De La Cruz


Volume XX No 3 - Fall 2011

Translation: Pecha Kucha
Nancy Festinger


Volume XX No 2 - Summer 2011

Arabic Translation in Spain
Elena Jaime Jimenéz


Volume XIX No 4- Winter 2010

The Law Gets Teeth...
Rosemary W. Dann

But Will Interpreters Get Bitten?
Julie A. Sellers


Volume XIX No 3- Fall 2010

Immigrants and Bilingualism
Michael O'Laughlin

The Price of Justice
Piet Koene


Volume XIX No 2 - Summer 2010

Bilingualism, the Brain, and Creativity
Martin C. Taylor

Best Advice: Love What You Learn
Julie Sellers

Volume XIX No 1 - Spring 2010

"Verbatim Interpretation" Revisited
Holly Mikkelson

Spelling it out for the Court
Dennis McKenna

Volume XVIII No 4 - Winter 2009

Whose Trauma Is It?: Vicarious Trauma and its Impact on Court Interpreters
Sonali Rana, Purvi Shah, and Kajori Chaudhuri

Language and Litigation: What judges and attorneys need to know about interpreters in the legal process
Judith Kenigson Kristy